Pay as you grow

We’re Nerds who mean business

Your success is our success.

We believe that the best way to build a solid business partnership is to align our financial interests with your financial interests. That’s why WebiNerds looks for creative and practical ways to tie our compensation to your startup’s success.

Nerds love exciting projects.

Nerds like paychecks, but we also love a really great project. Get us excited about your idea and we’ll help you make it a reality. In short, if we see potential in your company then we’ll find a way to work with you—even if your funding is currently limited.

Unique payment plans.
Pay as You Grow.

At WebiNerds we’re willing to discuss a unique payment plan that minimizes your up-front costs, allowing you to pay as you grow. We’re willing to take some risks to help your startup succeed. Together, we can grow your business and benefit from future financial returns.

A Pay as You Grow plan might look like:

img4_1A fixed percentage commission on sales attributed to our work.

img4_1An extended payment schedule.

img4_1Performance-based financial incentives tied to site traffic, conversions, etc.



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